Monday, July 2, 2012

Take A Break From Your Bills!

I love reading All You Magazine for their great tips.  Here's one I never thought of... taking a vacation from your bills!

Did you know you can cut costs by: 

Suspending your landline or wireless service.  Who would think to voluntarily suspend their service? 
Your landline can still dial 611 or 911 if needed, so there's no need to worry about needing information or calling for help in an emergency.  

Suspending your cable/dish service.  If your service provider doesn't allow you to suspend service, switch to the lowest cost plan while you're away.  DirectTV customers can suspend their service as long as the suspension will last less than 6 months and there's no current account balance. 

Switch your water heater to vacation mode and cut the energy use by up to 25%.  Hmm, have a bill for $100 or $75? 

There are a few things I do religiously when going away to help cut costs, such as: 

Unplug electrical appliances.  I think it's so vital for everyone to know that even though an appliance may be turned off, it still draws electricity when plugged.  Think about all those chargers that are left plugged into an outlet! Yikes!  
Before I leave the house, even for just a long weekend, I unplug my:
  • microwave 
  • lamps 
  • tv
  • computer 
  • plug-in air fresheners
  • fans 
Whichever way you decide to have a vacation from your bills, make sure you ask if there are any fees or time limits!  You wouldn't want to be a hit with a fee later on, it'll defeat the purpose of saving.

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