Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{Shoes} Bow Pumps

I'm really liking the Bow Pump styles popping up, 
from Classic Chic to Bad Ass Diva. 

Guess which ones I went for?

Gap: Suede Bow Pumps, $79.99
Available in Black too!
Just Fabulous: Dabria, $39.95

RSVP: Larisa, $89 - On Sale $26.70
Shoe Dazzle: Bevan, $39.95

Monday, November 28, 2011

{Deal Alert} Jewelmint


The exclusive jewelry designed by Kate Bosworth and her stylist, Cher Coulter, is still available for just $9.99 a piece. Enter promo code: CYBER999

I'm loving their set of pink, blue, and golden bracelets. They come with personalized cards to use when gifting to your BFFs!  And I love that $1 of each 
purchase goes to the women’s empowerment organization I Am That Girl.

Friendship Bracelets 

{Deal Alert} JustFabulous

Here's my top 3 fav's from JustFabulous. See all available styles here



Friday, November 25, 2011

{Black Friday} JewelMint


Exclusive jewelry collections designed by Kate Bosworth and her stylist, Cher Coulter, at the affordable, members-only price of $29.99 per piece.

Any piece for $9.99 shipped free with promo code BFRIDAY999

*Offer expires 11/27/2011 at 11:59 PM PST and is valid to new members only. Each promo code is valid for one use only. Please note: Promo code not valid on AdornMint Box or any Prestige Collection item. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{Coupon Code} FREE Shipping on Totsy

has one week of Free Shipping!* 

Use promo code TGIVING

Take advantage of this promo with their current and upcoming sale events. 

Ending Soon
Roc-A-Bouts Footwear
Taggies Apparel
Colorful Wishes by Orangia
Lollipop Fashion Boots
Disney Backpack Boutique
Snuggle Blankets
C'est Chouette
Take Two Tops
Vfish Dresses
And more!

Cozy Belly Maternity
Louis Widmer
Magid Bag Event
Womens Apparel by Cyrus
Favorite Character Tees
Smocked Dress Boutique
Mack and Co
Junior Dresses by Angie
Eli and Co Accessories
My Brest Friend

Promo code valid for one-time use per member with a minimum purchase of $40, not including tax. Cannot be combined with other offers. 
Valid through 11/29/2011 at 9 am ET.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

{Smart Savings} AMC Theaters


Who doesn't love watching a good movie on the big screen? 
But with ticket pricing at $11.50 per adult and $8.50 for children 2 - 12, enjoying buttery popcorn out can become costly. 

Strategically plan your movie dates to avoid having this favorite pastime strain your wallet. 

Showtimes Before Noon: $6.00

7 days a week for shows before noon (tax included).

Student Day: $8.50 

Select AMC theaters offer students lower ticket prices on Thursdays.  Just $8.50 versus the normal $11.50 admission.  Students must be 13 years and older and must have a current high school or college ID.

Matinee: $9.50

 Save $2 on showtimes before 3:55 p.m, 7 days a week.


Kids Club BK

Max just got Bobblin' Spongebob from  the 
SpongeBob Squarepants 'Bikini Bottom Souvenir Shoppe'

Enter Promo Code 4075 to send a virtual postcard.

Look for the crown on you BK toy and enter the code at 
ClubBK.com to unlock a cool virtual prize. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

{Clipart} Asian Girl

{Clipart} Retro Pin-Up Cartoons

{Clipart} Retro Pin-Up Girls

{Clipart} Retro Lady

I love clip art! And couldn't resist sharing these. 

Thanksgiving Turkey

Cat Lover

Sports Car



{Product Review} JustFabulous 'Saleisha'

Saleisha, $39.95 

This is my third item received from JustFab and I hate to say it but I'm disappointed yet again. The shoes arrived in a black shoebox with the JustFab logo.  Inside was a dustcover bag, also with the logo.  The shoes however, which I expected to bare the logo as well are the brand Bamboo. The local '$10 Spot', 'Easy Pickings', 'Square One' and even the '$5 Shoe Warehouse' sell Bamboo shoes and not for $39.95!  

Are they cute? Yes. 

Are they true to size? Yes. 

But are they worth $39.95? No. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{Motherhood} Love LUV Diapers

Diapers, diapers, diapers.
My son is 2 yrs old but we're still dealing with diapers.  Yup, Mr. Kayden isn't potty trained...yet. 

I'm always on the hunt for the best prices.  With my first child I swore by Pampers.  I came to realize though that Pampers d i d  n o t work well with my son.  The solution?  Luvs!

They're cheaper but most importantly they gave me 'don't worry, there's no leak' results.  Baby is happy and dry and mommy is happy with more $ in the bank.  Yay for Luvs!

BJ's has the biggest box for the lowest price.  Size 4: 204 diapers = $33.99
Don't have a BJ's near you or don't feel like paying to become a member? 
Then shop at www.diapers.com where the same box is just a few dollars more at $37.99

What's even better? Both retailers accept manufacturers coupons which can be combined with their own retailer specials.