Monday, July 30, 2012

{Mommy Must-Haves} Belly Growth Chart

Seeing this will give you one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" moments.  
The ways of recording growing bellies are well, growing.

Egg2Cake gives us a spin on a traditional growth chart...a horizontal spin!

Egg2Cake's Guesstation: Are We There Yet? Chart, $12.95
Mark the curves of growing belly every month. 
The chart flips over so you can continue using it once the baby is born.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coach Factory

The rumors you've might have heard are true... Coach offers its Outlet prices online! 

Usually lasting 48 hours, the exclusive sale events are accessed by invitation only. 

No need to fret though, contact me here to be invited. 
(Enter Coach Factory in the subject line and include your name & email.)

The deals are better than you would find on eBay and there's no need to waste gas getting to an Coach Factory Store

       Here's a glimpse of what's currently on sale:


Monday, July 23, 2012

{Mommy Must-Haves} Watches for Nursing Mothers

Con Leche's Natalia Watch $115

Thanks to Con Leche, breastfeeding moms can now
stop writing down breastfeeding schedules and details.

Available in 3 designs, the Con Leche watches feature
a violet stone which you can rotate from left to right, to
let you indicate the last breast fed or pumped from.

There's also a triangle which rotates to indicate the
time of the last feeding.

Read about all of its capabilities here

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

July 4th just so happens to be my mother's best friends birthday. 

Happy Birthday Diana!  

Diana was throwing a - go ahead and guess, yes - a BBQ. It was the perfect excuse to make a few dozen cupcakes and give a Pinterest pin I saw a try.  

The Inspiration: Flag Fruit Cupcakes
As good as the blueberries and strawberries looked,  I decided to go without the fresh fruit since it was over 95 degrees out!  I kept my ingredients simple and turned to good ol' Duncan Hines.  No, I was not about to make cupcakes from scratch - don't judge - everyone loves boxed cake! Besides, I have never baked cupcakes from scratch before, shhhhhh

  • Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix paired with Cream Cheese Frosting  
  • Duncan Hines French Vanilla Cake Mix & Vanilla Frosting
  • Red & Blue Sprinkles
  • Coconut Flakes

4th of July Cupcake Flag

I wanted to use 50 cupcakes but it just didn't work out. It came out close enough though, 48 cupcakes!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Take A Break From Your Bills!

I love reading All You Magazine for their great tips.  Here's one I never thought of... taking a vacation from your bills!

Did you know you can cut costs by: 

Suspending your landline or wireless service.  Who would think to voluntarily suspend their service? 
Your landline can still dial 611 or 911 if needed, so there's no need to worry about needing information or calling for help in an emergency.  

Suspending your cable/dish service.  If your service provider doesn't allow you to suspend service, switch to the lowest cost plan while you're away.  DirectTV customers can suspend their service as long as the suspension will last less than 6 months and there's no current account balance. 

Switch your water heater to vacation mode and cut the energy use by up to 25%.  Hmm, have a bill for $100 or $75? 

There are a few things I do religiously when going away to help cut costs, such as: 

Unplug electrical appliances.  I think it's so vital for everyone to know that even though an appliance may be turned off, it still draws electricity when plugged.  Think about all those chargers that are left plugged into an outlet! Yikes!  
Before I leave the house, even for just a long weekend, I unplug my:
  • microwave 
  • lamps 
  • tv
  • computer 
  • plug-in air fresheners
  • fans 
Whichever way you decide to have a vacation from your bills, make sure you ask if there are any fees or time limits!  You wouldn't want to be a hit with a fee later on, it'll defeat the purpose of saving.