Monday, February 27, 2012

Ohio's Perks!

I'm a Jersey Girl whose used to getting certain merchandise from certain merchants.

My Groceries:   A & P  ~  Food Basics  ~  Pathmark  ~  ShopRite
Gas for my car:  Exxon  ~  Sunoco 

Shopping:          Marshalls  ~  TJ Maxx  ~  Target  ~  Walmart  ~  Outlet Malls! 

Here in Ohio, there aren't any supermarkets that are found in Jersey.  There's also no chain of gas stations I'm familiar with.  BUT you can imagine how happy I was to discover that just down the road from me is a Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart and a Mall!  Everything I need literally down the road. 

What's even better?  The supermarkets I have newly aquatinted myself with, Giant Eagle and Kroger, offer rewards for fuel! 

 Use your Giant Eagle Advantage Card at Giant Eagle, GetGo, Market District, or Giant Eagle Express.

$50 Spent = 10¢ off per gallon 

 Earn a point for every dollar you spend at Kroger and Turkey Hill stores.
• Earn 50 points for every qualifying prescription you fill. (Government funded prescriptions are excluded)
• Earn double points for every dollar you spend on qualifying gift cards.

100 points = 10¢ off per gallon 


Obviously, comparing the two, Giant Eagle has the better program.  I spent $270.33 in groceries and got $1.15 off per gallon of gas!  I saved over $10 when I filled up my tank.  Way to go Ohio! 

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