Thursday, December 1, 2011

{Beauty} How To Find Your Perfect Foundation

Makeup genius, Pat McGrath*, shares how to get the perfect shade of foundation. 

"Test two or threes right on your jawline.  If you can't ry them in the store, buy the two closest shades and do it at home." 

And good news.  If you're wondering, "well wth will I do with the wrong shade I just wasted money on?!
If the shade purchased was too-light, use it as an undereye primer.  If the shade is too-dark, use it as a bronzer and to contour. 

As for deciding on powder, cream or liquid foundation, McGrath says they're all good.  Her fav is cream because of how natural it feels while still providing coverage.  Choose whichever works for you.  

*Lucky December 2011, pg 154.

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