Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Our World} Save Money by Legalizing Domestic Violence?

What is the City Council of Topeka, Kansas thinking?! 

They are considering legalizing Domestic Violence in order to save money.  Obsurd, right?!
They have reported that approximately $200,000 is needed in order to continue prosecuting domestic cases.  They believe that no longer prosecuting misdemeanors, which include domestic violence, will be part of the solution to their 10% budget cut.  The mayor of Topeka, Bill Bunten, made a comment stating that the proposal wouldn't mean domestic violence isn't taken seriously.  He said the question is not whether domestic violence offenders should be prosecuted, but rather who should pay for it.  Should the city or the county pay for it? 

Read the entire article posted by the International Business Times here

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