Monday, August 22, 2011

{Deal Alert} Crafty Kids Playhouses

$20 for Creative Playhouses from Crafty Kids Playhouses


As a parent, I know that kids often like playing with the box a toy came in, rather than the actual toy. 3
The innovators at Crafty Kids understand this too and have designed an eco-friendly, super sturdy box playhouses. These cardboard wonder-structures can be shaped, doodled on, and re-imagined just to your kids' specifications. Plum District lets you double your money towards these larger-than-life play structures.

Crafty Kids Playhouses Details

Crafty Kids Playhouses is a leading manufacturer of Eco-Friendly Cardboard Playhouses for children. Their unique design and sturdy construction set them apart from the rest. The cardboard playhouses are made from 100% recycled, 44ECT corrugated cardboard - sturdy enough to withstand weeks of play and decoration.

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